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3 Cards Judgement Casino Game

3 Cards Judgment Casino Game

3 Card Judgement game is basically a prediction game. This game is played with 52 Cards where the dealer pull out 3 Cards to the table. Player has to predict, that which 3 cards will come out. If the player guess even one out of 3 Cards, He wins ,
player can also play into which 3 cards will not pulled out in table. If all the chosen cards didn’t come, he wins while if any of the chosen cards pulled out, he will lose all his stake

3 Cards Judgment Rules

3 cards judgment is a simple casino cards game. Winning chances in it depends upon your prediction ability and good common sense. There are very basic rules to play 3 cards judgment , using your common sense of prediction you can win a lot of money .

  • The dealer have 52 cards in his hand in this game.
  • Dealer will pull out any of 3 cards from 52 cards on the table.
  • Player need to predict the card that which 3 cards will come out.
  • Out of those 3 cards if the player is able to predict at least one right card he will win.
  • This game can also be played like dealer will pull out 3 cards on the table.
  • Players has to choose 3 cards that these cards are not pulled.
  • If no one card chosen by player is pulled player will win
  • But if any one of three chosen cards is pulled out player has to lose his money.


3 cards judgment casino game

3 Cards Judgment Casino Betting ID

3 Cards Judgment card game is very easy to play. So there is a lot of chance of winning. You can bet very easily. Get 3 cards judgment Casino Id and play on Asia’s No 1 Online Casino site.

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