3 Cards Judgement Casino Game - Overview

Essentially a prediction game, the 3 Cards Judgement game. 52 cards are used in this game, and the dealer deals 3 cards to the table. The player has to guess which three cards will be revealed. The player can also play into which three cards won’t be pulled from the deck at the table if he correctly predicts even one of the three cards. He wins if none of the chosen cards were dealt, but loses everything if any of the chosen cards were to come up.

3 Cards Judgement - Basics

3 cards judgement is a straightforward casino card game. Your chances of winning are dependent on your ability to predict and use common sense. There are very simple rules to playing three card judgment, and you can win a lot of money by using your common sense of prediction.

  • In this game, the dealer has 52 cards in his hand.
  • From the 52 cards on the table, the dealer may choose any three of them.
  • The player must guess which of the three cards will be dealt first.
  • If the player correctly predicts at least one of those three cards, he will win.
  • Another way to play this game is to have the dealer deal out three cards from the deck.
  • Players must select 3 cards to ensure that these cards are not drawn.
  • If none of the three cards chosen by the player are revealed, they will all be lost, and the player will win if no card of their choosing is revealed.


3 cards judgment casino game

3 Cards Judgement Game - How to Play

The very straightforward game 3 Cards Judgement relies on the player’s judgment. All you have to do is use some strategy and your best guesses to predict which cards will appear in the dealer’s deck and which ones won’t.

Yes! You can bet money on the cards that will or will not be included in the dealer’s deck in this game of 3 Cards Judgement.

  • You can select any card you want, starting with the Ace and going up to the King.

  • There are two buttons: YES or NO. In a single game, you can only bet on one of the panels.

  • If you ┬ábet money on the YES panel and select three cards, you can win if one or more of your selected three cards are dealt from the dealer’s deck. If not, the game is over for you. The YES panel has a payout ratio of 1:1.78, meaning that if you wager 100 INR, you will win 178 INR.

  • If you bet money on the NO panel and select three cards, you can win as long as none of the cards you selected are drawn from the dealer’s deck. You lose if the card you selected is in the dealer’s deck. The NO panel has a payout ratio of 1:1.84, which means that if you bet INR 100, you will win INR 184.

3 Cards Judgement Betting ID

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