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7 up 7 down is a simple dice game. The game is played with two 6 sided dice, dice are rolled and results are totaled up. You can choose to bet on the total results being over 7 under 7 or exactly 7. After you have placed the bet dealer will place two dice into the cup and shake it. If the number on both dices matches your bet. You have won the game.

Below we have listed the three betting options that you can choose from at the start of each betting round:

  • Lucky 7 – The two dice numbers add up to exactly seven.
  • 7 Up – The two dice numbers add up to a total over 7.
  • 7 Down – The two dice numbers add up to a total under 7.

If the player’s bet and the round’s result matches over 7 or under 7, the player wins 1x the bet amount. If the bet and the round’s result is exactly 7, the player wins 4x the bet amount. Each round, the lightning bonus feature will strike once on a single option. Should the player’s bet and the round’s result be the same as the lightning struck option, the player could win up to 6x the bet amount!

7 Up 7 Down Features

  • Lightning bonus feature to win rewards up to 6x!
  • A multiplayer feature with leaderboards that ensure that you will never play alone without betting buddies!
  • An optimised and mobile friendly game. play at the convenience of your pc or any mobile devices!
  • Access all your favourite games with one unified kingmaker game lobby!


7 Up 7 Down Strategy

The nature of the 7 Up 7 Down dice game means that the Martingale strategy is the best option if you want to follow a specific betting system. It follows the pattern of doubling your bet amount with every losing bet. So, you start with 100 INR and if you lose that bet then your next bet would be 200 INR. Take note that you would need 3,200 INR if you lost six bets in a row.

The idea is that you will gain back what you lost when you win, as well as hoping that you can hit a winning streak at some point and make a profit. This strategy does not guarantee that you always make a profit though. You will also need a big bankroll to play through losing streaks. Therefore, we suggest that you keep to a betting limit that fits your budget and walk away when you make a profit.

One important tip to remember is the payout for the Lucky 7 bet. Some 7 Up 7 Down games only payout 3:1 and so you should avoid these whenever possible. Only play on the games that offer you 4:1 on the Lucky 7 bet. The house edge is a lot more positive at 16.67% than the 33.33% house edge when the 3:1 payout is in place.

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