Andar Bahar Online Casino Game

Andar Bahar is a card game that is originated in Asia. This game is played and enjoyed by many Indian families and friends at various festivals, social gatherings, and marriage occasions. Andar Bahar is a classic example that offers players easy-to-understand and a stress-free route into online gaming.

Andar Bahar is very popular with many online gamers because it is easy to grasp with faithful devotion. This game also offers a few side bets and fair odds to increase your earnings.


Andar Bahar game was introduced for the first time in the southern part of India in Bangalore, Karnataka, established on probabilities of halves. This game is also very popular in Tamil Nadu and the Tamilians know this game as Ullae Veliyae or Mangatha. In India as offline, this game was permitted by the roadside casinos to be played in its premises without any money spent in setup or the change in any infrastructure.

Later on, this theme of the game continues going beyond this type of gambling experience and started available on online gaming platforms internationally as well. And later offline gambling locally put a stop to ever taking shape in India. Now this game can be played online on many websites with an easy deposit and withdrawal process with as much as you can. Below we have listed some of the best Online Gaming Sites on which you can have the best experience of the Andar Bahar game.


Initially, starting this game may seem difficult because it is such an unfamiliar game for newcomers, but once you get the hang of it you feel very easy and comfortable playing it. Just go through these rules and regulations and simple guiding steps of this game and have a before-play experience with this article.

Rules and Regulations of the game Andar Bahar:

  • With the single deck of cards, the Andar Bahar game is most commonly played, where the winning chances are 50%.
  • There are two positions of the cards, one will be on the left side of the player and the second will be on the right side of the player. The left one will be called “Andar” and the right side will be said as “Bahar”.
  • The Dealer will pull the card and show it to the players, after then players will decide and bet on the card of a similar value will appear either on the Andar side or the Bahar side.
  • The Dealer will now place the cards on both sides until a card of the equivalent value falls on one or the other side.
  • The side on which the card will land, decide the results of the winner and loser of the game.
  • When the card will fall on the side of the winner he does not only win but earns twice the amount he placed before the bet.
  • When the first drawn card is from the black suit, the drawings of the cards will begin from the “Andar” side and if the drawings start with the red then the dealing will begin from “Bahar”.


How to place your bets on Andar Bahar game?

  • Like any other online casino game, initially, you need to place a bet first. You not only need to decide how much you are placing on the bet but also in which direction you’re going to play.
  • Here there are only two bets that can be made which are either Andar or Bahar. As this is the one deck game so while you’re figuring this out the dealer will shuffle the deck.

What is the Gameplay in Andar Bahar game?

  • The game card or the joker can be usually referred after the dealer first deals one card after cutting the deck.
  • In this game, your goal is to predict where the card of the same rank will be dealt. In this task, success will make you earn 1.9x your stake. Until a similar value of the card comes up the dealer will deal the cards.

How to win at Andar Bahar?

When the card of the equivalent value is drawn, the game will be declared as won. If this appears on the first drawn card side, the payout will be increased by 90% above the original amount. If it appears on the other side the payout will be a 100% increase from the real value.


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