India Horse Racing Betting Guides

Betting on horse races is a popular way of minting money in India. All you need to have is knowledge and willingness to invest time. It is the oldest sport in the world. Two or more two horses with or without a horseman participate in the race. The first racetrack was in Madras, India. Now there are many other race tracks. Undoubtedly the trill of the 2-minute games is not explainable. Before betting on the horse race, it is significant to understand that betting on a horse race is more about skill than chance. To place a successful bet, you should be attentive to all the major and minor details. Many people in India are making a living out of betting on horse races.


Best Horse Race Betting Sites in India:

With the growing popularity of betting on horse racing, the demand for online betting sites has also increased. As you are investing real money and time in it, you need to be extra careful while choosing betting sites to place your bet on horse races online. Some of the trusted horse betting sites are as follows

Allows worldwide betting on a horse race. You can access all betting options from the website and mobile app. It also offers daily promotions and bonuses

Allows worldwide betting on a horse race. You can access all betting options from the website and mobile app. It also offers daily promotions and bonuses

You can place multiple bets at a time. They offer the most appealing welcome bonuses. All deposit and withdrawal methods use are highly secure.


The website allows you to place bets on horse racing online from 40 countries. Players can avail of daily promotions.

Horse Racing Clubs in India

Multiple clubs in India offer physical horse racing. You can watch horse races and enjoy the betting experience. Turf Authorities manage all the horse racing events. The seven most popular betting horse racing clubs are as follows

Royal Western India Turf Club

The track is 2.8 km long. It is located in Pune. The racetrack conducts thoroughbred races from July to October.

Mumbai Turf Club

One of the most beautiful racetracks. It is oval shaped racetrack facing the sea view. Betting on a horse race is scheduled every year from November to April.

Delhi Race Club

The club conduct races in the winter and monsoon seasons with 400 horses and 30 jockeys. The club conducts a total of 70 to 80 races in a year.

Mysore turf Club

You can place bets on a horse race in this club in November, December, January, April, May, and June.

Hyderabad Turf Club

The Hyderabad Race Club is a Thoroughbred Racing Association and the race track is at Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This race course is considered one of the top racecourses in India and was inaugurated by the 6th Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan. Races are held in this club in summer and winter.

Top Horse Race Events

Indian Derby

Indian Derby first started in India in 1943. It is the most popular betting on the horse race event. Every year the event is held on the first Saturday of February. The event takes place at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai.

Indian 1000 Guineas

The event takes place at Mumbai Track in December. Three-year-old fillies can take part in this event. Players can place their Bet on horse racing online

Indian 2000 Guineas

The Indian 2000 Guineas betting on horse race event is similar to the English 2000 Guineas race. The event happens in December at the Mumbai Track. Both three years of fillies and colts can participate in the event.

Indian Oaks

4-year-old thoroughbred fillies can take part in the event. Only fillies can take part in this racing event. It is a GRADE I race that is held in India for a long time.

Indian St. Leger

The event is named after Lt. Gen Antony St. Leger. Four years old fillies can take part in the event. The racetrack is 2800 meters long.

How to place a Bet on horse racing?

The procedure of placing your bets on horse racing is simple. Several reliable portals facilitate you with the option of placing your bets online such as Satsport, satsport247, seatbelt, and betxhub. Following are the steps that you should follow to place your bet on a horse race online. 

  • Choose the best online platform and fill up the signup form. 
  • After signing up, log in and use the signup bonus to start your online sports betting journey. 
  • You can deposit more money using the deposit method available. 
  • Scroll through the website and see upcoming horse racing events and promotions going on. Also, go through the information on jockeys and horses before placing a bet on a horse race. 
  • After proper research, put your bet on the appropriate horse and keep a track of the event. 
  • You can withdraw your amount any time from anywhere using the available withdrawal options. 

Horse racing bet types

Multiple betting on horse racing options is available in the Indian market. You can place the bet on the winning horse or horse having a place in the top three. The following are the types of bets you can make in the Indian market.

  • Forecast bets: Bet on horse races online by predicting the top two or three horses in the race.
  • Accumulators: A popular way of placing betting on a horse race. You can predict the winning horse and place your bet on it. 
  • A Quinella: This betting on horse racing option allows you to place a bet on two horses.
  • A Kenchi: Kenchi bet on a horse race online is made on the winning horse from a maximum of five or a minimum of three races.
  • Tanala bets: Allows players to pick the horse that will come first, second and third in the race.
  • Win: The bet starts with 10 Indian rupees. To place the bet, the player chooses one horse and wins the reward if that horse finishes first.
  • Treble: In this type of bet, the player chooses the winning horse from three races.
  • Jackpot: This type of bet requires selecting of winning horse from five races. If the player’s predicted horse wins four races and loses the last, the player is given a consolidation reward for his bet on horse racing.
  • Super jackpot: The bet works the same way as the Jackpot, With the difference that it has six races instead of five.

Is horse betting legal in India?

According to the gaming law of India, it is 100% legal. In 1996 Betting on a horse race was considered a skill in India that made betting on horse races legal.No Indian law restricts people from placing a bet on a horse race online or offline.

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