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Betting on Teen Patti Online Real Cash

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti was started In the Indian subcontinent, and it is popular throughout Asia. Teen Patti is influenced by poker and an English game the three-card brag which is also called flash or flush and tri-card game in some regions. This is the type of gambling game. A maximum of 10 players can play this game. Counting skills are required to play this game. This game is mostly played during Hindu festivals and celebrations and is closely connected to it.

How to place bet on Teen Patti?

You need to put some ante or boot amount on the table or in a pot, then betting will be started by the player who is next to the dealer.

What is Antes?

Ante is the equal amount kept by each player on a rotation basis in the pot or the single larger amount kept by one player. Before the deal begins an equal amount of chips or money kept by the players into the pot is a forced Ante. Antes extremely disappoint a player with its tight play. At no cost to him, a player can toss in his hand who has not paid a blind, without the Ante. With Antes, the game would be more interesting where the pot size will increase and more players will stay in the hand.

When the dealer or the button or bot, provides the ante for every player, the acting dealer changes turns for each in games. This simplifies the betting, which sometimes causes inequities if players are changed, at this time the player who went out during the game and came back again would be given a special choice or button in which they need to pay an ante on the table or in a pot.

What is Post?

A player who left the game and misses the antes in between or temporary from his seat while the game is running and after when he comes back he is required to post to re-enter the game, they need to pay some amount on the table or in a pot for the next round in which they’re going to rejoin the game. At this point, the amount can be placed with the amount of the player posted when he left during the game.

What is Blind?

The blind bet starts before the game or the deal begins when the players start placing bets forcibly/willingly into the pot by one or more players. In a betting structure, the most common use of blinds is for two blinds, the player in front of the dealer will put about half of the amount of normal bet, in the pot which is called the small blind. In the second type of blind game, the player will play a big blind by putting a wholesome amount in the pot by playing a whole bet. Sometimes with antes, these two blinds became the dominating structure of the game. Whereas sometimes only one blind is used.

Some set a limit for playing their blind games like one player will bet blind for only two turns or a player can bet his blind for three turns.

What is Call & Raise (Chaal)?

Regular betting starts when the player puts his betting amount in the pot, after the forced blind and antes. The total bet can be divided into two parts, the Call & the Raise which is usually called a chaal. With the option of raising a bet, a player has to place a bet which is least equal to the last-placed bet if it is a minimum, this bet becomes the new chaal with the current level of bet. The limit which is

imposed for the raise, cannot be exceeded or twice as than a previous players’ total betting amount. When there is one player in the game playing as blind, the bets should be in even amounts, it is because the blind player plays half of the normal bets on the table which cannot be halved if the amount is in odds. By the rules of this game, this is a very different game from poker which is very important to understand.

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