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There are different variants of Rummy, and each has specific rules to follow. Although they differ in some features, they have the same terminologies. When playing Rummy, the goal is to complement your card so you can build melds, which could be sets or runs.

  • Set – It has at least three cards of similar number but different suits.
  • Run – It consists of three cards of a similar suit in chronological order.
  1. You will be dealt with cards.
  2. Another card is revealed at the center of the table.
  3. The rest of the cards are faced down which form the stockpile.
  4. Draw and discard cards from the stock or discard pile to create the most number of melds.
  5. The player that is first to meld all cards wins.
  6. The unmatched cards are referred to as deadwood.

Indian Rummy is one of the popular and preferred rummy variations in India.

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