Ultimate tips and tricks to win Roulette

History of Roulette:

The initial form of roulette was invented in 18th century France. It was believed by the historians that the French mathematician Blaise Pascal introduced an underdeveloped form of roulette in the 17th century while searching for an endless motion machine.

In the second half of the 20th century, casinos started booming in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and roulette was developed into a full-fledged casino game.

Basic Playing format of Roulette:

 In the game, a player is given an option to choose to place a wager on a single number, a color, various number groupings, odd or even, and if the numbers are high (19-36) or low (1-18). The roulette comes with minimum and maximum bets, and the rules are applied separately to players who place bets inside and outside for every spin. Chips of various colors are used in Casinos to place bets.

Types of wagers in Roulette:

Split: Placing a wager on two numbers that are adjacent vertically or horizontally to each other. The chips are placed on the edge where the numbers are.

Straight or Single: This is the process of trying your chance on a single number. The chips are placed completely inside the square for the selected number.

Street: Street is a type of wager where you place bet on three consecutive numbers that lies in a horizontal line. In this case the chips are placed on the outside edge at either end of the line.

Corner or Square: This is the process of placing a wager on the numbers that meet in one corner. The chips are placed on the common corner in this case.

Trio: Trio is the type of bet that allows you to place a bet on three numbers which involves at least one zero. The chip placement is on the corner divided by the three chosen numbers.

Six Line or Double Street: This is the process of chance trying on six consecutive numbers that proceeds to form tow lines horizontally. The chips are placed on the outside corner shared by the two number on the left end and two numbers on the right end.

Basket: Basket is the process of betting on a layout that has double zeroes in it. The chips are placed on the corner that is shared by 0-1 or 00-3.

First Four: This is the type of betting that a player bets on a single-zero layout that involves a sequence of 0-00-1-2-3. The chips are placed on the outside corner that is shared by 0-1 or 0-3.

Tips and Tricks to win Roulette:

Keep away from going after hot streaks: Streaks are commonly the results of skill and luck. One cannot depend upon this for a long run. Just enjoy the game and do not concentrate on the streaks. Being relaxed makes you think quicker.

Go through the rules of a casino: The rules initially may seem complex but when you go through it thoroughly, you can weave your own game and strategies. Always check your rules before you enter.

Choose a roulette table wisely: The most popular way to play a roulette game nowadays is by playing it online. A roulette simulator gives you the feel of a real casino. There are many online roulette simulators available and your job is to choose them wisely.

Try the luck on your lucky numbers: The luck is tried upon specific numbers in a casino, so if you have a specific number as a lucky number then use it to improve your luck.

Try your chance through chips: This method can be more efficient than placing wagers by using cards or coins, waging through chips makes the players feel more satisfied and make them feel that they are taking part in a live roulette game.

Know the estimated profit on different wagers: One should not place any wager unless you know the estimated profit of that particular roulette table.

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